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The benefits of using Lodge Financial for your financing needs:

Experience - Our 17 years of commercial mortgage experience means we know what’s needed ahead of time.

Flexibility - With the amount of funds available for these types of products diminishing, and the different demands per loan product in flux, let our experienced team find the perfect fit. In the event the guidelines change, many other options can be offered without losing precious time.

Professionalism - Our team makes customer service a priority. We are flexible and available to do what it takes to bring your loan to its completion: We’ll make it happen by working off hours, traveling to meet you face to face and sticking with you till you have what you need.

Long Term Vision - Our goal is to help you with your financial needs as they change. Lodge Financial is looking to develop long working relationships with all of our clients. We believe building relationships is advantageous and gives our clients better service , which makes the transition to future needs easier and more streamlined.

Risk Reduction - Your risk is our risk. Just remember: we don’t profit if your loan doesn’t close. Our pledge: if your loan stalls or isn’t a good fit, we commit to work until a loan is complete. No monies are collected up front.





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Recent Closing Activity

Loan Type Property Type Transcation Type Loan Amount Interest Rate LTV Term Amortization
Office  Commercial Purchase $5,670,000 3.75% 70% 2 I/O
Single Tenant Commercial/Retail Refinance $740,000 5.25% 75% 5 25
Multi 6 unit Refinance $850,000 3.69% 65% 7 30
Multi 18 Unit Refinance $750,000 4.65% 75% 10 30
Multi 9 unit Refinance $1,905,000 3.75% 75% 5 30
Multi 43 unit Refinance $1,600,000 4.85% 75% 5 25
Multi 9 unit Purchase $825,000 3.75% 75% 5 30
Mixed Use 12 unit mixed Purchase $650,000 4.63% 80% 5 25


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